NEB Consulting

London based Property Consultants and Chartered Surveyors

NEB Consulting, Commercial Property Consultants & Chartered Surveyors, is a General Practice, specialising in Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals, Strategic Asset Management, Consultancy, Disposals & Acquisitions for Landlords & Occupiers of all types of commercial property.

Are you Cash-Rich, Time-Poor?

In this fast paced, instant world of emails and often unrealistic deadlines, people frequently tell us they don’t have any time.  Whether it is time to keep up with their relentless workloads, or simply time for themselves, it is clear that we now live in a world where speed and an unrealistic expectancy of service delivery are seen as more important than quality and where people sometimes take second place.

NEB Consulting is not about a rushed, unrealistic approach to service delivery, it is about getting the balance right, where sufficient time will be taken to ensure that quality of service, and people, come first.


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